Madden 22 franchise reconnaissance update missed big opportunity due to delay

Sep-23-2021 categories: Madden 22 Tag: Madden 22 Coins, buy Mut 22 Coins

After Madden 22 received a huge rebound in last year's game, it has a lot to Mut 22 coins rely on, but it is already a difficult start because the scout update was postponed until after the release.

Starting from the first show of Madden 22 at a preview event earlier this summer, it was revealed that Scouting will not be included in the game's franchise model, but will be one month after September.

Obviously, September is almost over, and we haven’t heard anything about the update until now when we learn that the update has been postponed again.

The franchise model in Madden allows you to spend a season in the NFL, whether solo or with online friends. As you prepare for the next season, you must select new players to replenish your roster for any players who leave.

Scouting allaws you to view these college players throughout the season, and then finally select your favorite player during the off-season draft day.

According to the breakdown of EA Sports, the scout update in Madden 22 will include a complete scouting department, in-depth scout reports that include players’ physical fitness, characteristics and ratings, and news content that will move players up and down the draft board. And mock drafts to show who other teams might follow throughout the season.

Fans have been asking for a return to a more powerful franchise model through full-scale scouting, but it was delayed again.

Madden 22 was released on August 20th last month, and early players can even play before then. In the months before the release, it has been known that the Scouting Update will be released after the release, in September to be precise.

For those who want to enter the franchise mode as soon as they get the game, this is already a bit frustrating, but its promise in September does not seem too far away.

Then last weekend, in the first week of the NFL season, people once again hyped professional football. However, there is still no scout update for players to start their franchise model.

There is news that the scout update has been postponed to October, but there is no specific date when it may be released that month.

When this update does appear, people may no longer care because they have moved to other major fall releases, or Madden 22 has just ended by then.

The franchise model still provides a form of scouting in the game so that you can get players to draft, but the new system of the league that looks better will only be available to people who start a brand new franchise after the update.

If you start the franchise season now, you will be trapped in the traditional scouting system that is always present in the game in that particular franchise. To get a new update when it is released, you have to restart the entire franchise, which makes it not even worth starting before the update ends.

The Scout update does seem to be a major improvement to Madden 22's franchise model, but in the long run, the later release will indeed be hurt. At least, hopefully this means that this buy Madden 22 coins new reconnaissance system will be launched in the inevitable Madden 23 next year.